Keep Track Of Spending Patterns With The SutiExpense API

Keeping track of business expenses can become a complicated task, especially if there is a lot on the go and administration isn't a strong point. SutiExpense is a tool designed to streamline this process and help businesses to have a clear understanding of their spending, eliminate errors and ultimately run things more smoothly. It's a web-based expense management solution that tracks and manages expenses on a daily basis. SutiExpense also provides the SutiExpense API that allows developers to integrate this information with other applications.


The idea behind SutiExpense was to create an easy-to-use solution that automates the expense report process. Users have access to several ways to file expenses, and are provided with analytical dashboards to help in the understanding of spending patterns in order to keep track and gain insight for future spending decisions. Users file and submit expense reports for approval at any time, and email notifications are sent to those who will need to give approval, informing them that there are approvals pending. SutiExpense has also been integrated with accounting systems to enable faster reimbursements of expense reports.

The SutiExpense real-time accounting data API makes it possible for this data to be integrated with other applications. Detailed Documentation is not currently available, but interested developers who require more information can contact SutiExpense directly via the website.

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