Keesing Technologies Announces New Biometric Onboarding API

Keesing Technologies, a provider of ID verification solutions that enable partners to prevent identity fraud in a variety of applications, has announced a new API that uses facial recognition software to enhance the company’s AuthentiScan products.

The new API utilizes both facial recognition and optical character recognition to enable selfie-based identity verification. The service will require users to first take a picture of their ID and then another image of their face, allowing verification of identity by comparing the two images. The functionality will also protect against fraud by ensuring that the second image is actually a selfie. This is done by looking for subtle movements of the face being photographed.

Keesing Technologies told MobileIDWorld that accuracy in these images is of vital importance:

“Accuracy in customer onboarding is crucial to create trust,” said Keesing Commercial Director Daniel Suess. “A frictional or inaccurate image capturing process leaves you with frustrated customers that are likely to drop out.”

The new API is available immediately and those interested can check out the developer documentation

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