Keycard Offers NFC-Powered Hardware Wallet for Cyptocurrency Transactions

Keycard is a new open-source hardware project that utilizes near field communications (NFC) technology to secure and store cryptocurrencies. The Keycard itself looks like a credit card but uses NFC to authorize cyrpto transactions through mobile devices. The card is already integrated with a private wallet, messenger, and DeFi browser, with more integrations on the roadmaps.

Although Keycard is a hardware project at its core, the team has also released an API and SDKs for Android, iOS, and Go. Developers can integrate the APIs and SDKs into any application that requires authorization or user Authentication.

Keycard takes a unique approach to the cyrpto hardware wallet through its use of NFC technology. Other hardware wallets rely on USB connections, Bluetooth, QR codes, or some other method for sharing keys. Keycard securely stores keys on the device and the device is enabled through the NFC technology.

Keycard support ERC-20 and ERC-721 tokens. The Keycard app has a built-in Ethereum wallet. To learn more, visit the Keycard site. Check out the docs for more on the APIs and SDKs.

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