Khronos Group to Develop Open API for Advanced Camera Control

Khronos Group, open standards consortium behind some of today's most innovative technologies, has announced a new initiative to develop an open, royalty-free API for advanced, low-level control of mobile and embedded cameras and sensors. Khronos created the Camera working group to develop the API and is currently recruiting participants. All participants may contribute to the standard and the group will collaborate with other working groups to enhance its effectiveness. Khronos President, Neil Trevett, commented:

"This working group has been catalyzed by listening to the application developer community wanting to push back the limits of mobile vision processing. Khronos is the ideal forum to define this low-level, foundational hardware control API that needs deep insights into silicon and sensor design.”

Khronos has already begun development on vision and image processing APIs, but it recognized the ongoing lack of a camera API with low-level control of the camera sensor, lens and Flash to generate the input image stream needed by cutting-edge computational photography and computer vision. The group aims to create a cross- Platform API that offers features like burst control over sensor, flash and lens, system wide time stamping and more.

The Camera working group will launch work in July 2013. Those interested in joining the group and contributing to the project can request more information at the Camera working group site. Mobile and embedded devices continue to be equipped with sensors and processing power for advanced camera control; yet, no standards body has addressed control from a unified position. Khronos plans to answer this call in July.

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