KickEX Launches Open API for its Crypto Exchange

KickEX, a cryptocurrency exchange, has launched an API. The API is public and available to KickEX users, third party businesses, rating websites, and cryptocurrency directories. Through the API, traders can automate trading strategies through bots and professionals can utilize bots for arbitrage.

The KickEX team sees the API as the next logical step in KickEX’s evolution. First, it brings automated, algorithmic trading to the exchange. Second, through increased use, the liquidity of the exchange itself increases. Current KickEX users can connect the API in their user profile settings. From there, users can add, edit, and remove API keys.

The API is broken into three main categories: Market, Trade, and User. Market API features provide data about available currencies and rates (i.e. pairs, tickers, 24-hour stats, currency, minibars, trades, orderbook, candles, and server time). Trade API features include methods to operate with exchange orders (i.e. cancel orders, cancel all orders, order history, trade history, active orders list, create trade order, create stop order). User API features provide information about users (i.e. user info, balance, deposit address, deposit history, user tariff, withdraw, withdrawal history).

To learn more, visit the KickEX API on GitHub. The site includes detailed information on Authentication, methods, errors, and more. It also provides code examples in shell, ruby, python, and JavaScript.

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