KidoZen Announces Availability of Salesforce APIs as Part of KidoZen mBaaS Platform

Last month, ProgrammableWeb reported that KidoZen, a leading enterprise mobile middleware provider, had released the KidoZen Enterprise Systems APIs Platform which allows developers to seamlessly integrate corporate and enterprise systems into mobile applications. KidoZen has just announced the availability of APIs as part of the KidoZen mBaaS platform which will now allow developers to integrate platform features into enterprise mobile applications.

KidoZen mBaaS platform

Image Credit: KidoZen

The KidoZen mBaaS platform consists of four key components which include mobile backend services, enterprise mobile app store, mobile platform SDKs, and HTML5 enterprise host. In addition to APIs, the KidoZen platform also utilizes a wide selection of enterprise APIs such as SAP, SharePoint, Exchange, NetSuite, ShareFile, Podio, and Microsoft CRM. KidoZen Co-Founder and CEO, Jesus Rodriguez, comments in the press release that:

" Integration with CRM systems is an essential element of emerging mobile-first business such as field force, marketing, sales management among many others. The addition of services extends KidoZen enterprise systems APIs ecosystem and allow organizations to build enterprise mobile solutions that seamlessly integrate with the platform."

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