Kin SDK for Unity Available for Android

The Kin Foundation, creator of the Kin cryptocurrency and Kik messaging service, has released a new Kin SDK for Unity. The new SDK is available in the Unity Asset store. It enables developers to integrate Kin in mobile games. The Kin team sees this as an opportunity to reward high interaction behavior and create stickier networks within games.

"This is a major step forward, not just for our work with Unity, but for our overall strategy of driving mainstream adoption of Kin in gaming," Sergio Silva, Kin Foundation Director of Partnerships, commented in a blog post announcement. "Kin will enable easy peer-to-peer transactions in games focused on creating social communities and high interactions between users, while the developers creating them can spark user interest and incentivize players — starting with Unity."

With the SDK, developers can open new Kin accounts, create Kin wallets, and create opportunities to earn and spend Kin within games. Game players can earn and spend Kin, send Kin to other players, and track Kin balances. In the development of the SDK, the Kin team specifically focused on keeping players playing games, excitement creation, deeper player engagement, and player rewards. The company believes that hitting these target areas will help boost the Kin network and overall adoption.

Currently, the Unity SDK is available for Android. iOS is on the roadmap and Kin expects to release an iOS version in the next few weeks. Additionally, the company expects to launch a Kin and Unity developer program. Stay tuned to the Kin blog for more announcements.

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