Kippt Launches Open API with Developer Site and App Gallery

Kippt, designed to make information workflow and archiving effortless, has launched a new API alongside a developer site and app gallery. The new, publicly available API simply opens up the existing Kippt API that continues to power the Kippt Web Service. Instead of pushing Kippt as a standalone product, the Kippt team hopes that the Kippt API will encourage developers to develop apps based on the Kippt Platform. Jori Lallo, Kippt co-founder, commented:

"Overall [the API] has changed the way how we build Kippt as a product and a company to be more open about things."

Kippt has already seen significant adoption from app developers. The app gallery features over 13 apps built on the Kippt platform. The Kippt team has been surprised at the creativity and unexpected use of the Kippt API. The team fully welcomes feedback and encourages developers to showcase Kippt based apps at the gallery.

The Kippt API uses REST protocol and returns calls in a JSON data format. Most Kippt features remain available via API. Developers can integrate clips, lists, favorites, followers, relationships, and more directly into third party apps. Free, unlimited access to the API is free, and users can add full text search for $25 per year.

Kippt constitutes more than a simple bookmarking tool. With its new developer site and made-over API, Kippt represents a powerful platform that should drive app innovation and ease access and retention. Keep an eye out for Kippt-based apps and visit the developer site to hack your own.

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