Kiuwan API Enables Programmatic Access to Software Quality Control

Kiuwan, cloud based software measuring and analysis solution, has announced the Kiuwan API. Through the API, users can continuously monitor the quality of software applications. With increased quality and performance, businesses can increase efficiency and productivity while lowering cost.

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Kiuwan is an Optimyth Software brand. Optimyth CEO, Jesus Martin, commented:

"Interoperability is a key success factor for any cloud service. Kiuwan offers its RESTful API to anyone who wants to provide information about the quality of their applications. With our new RESTful API, they can easily pull that information directly from the source.”

Kiuwan's API strategy empowers developers with a host of options for Integration and management. Developers can integrate quality information into websites, add to DevOps dashboards, programatically access third party applications, and more. Kiuwan also developed a plug-in for Jenkins, the most widely used open-source Continuous Integration server, which gives some insight into integration capabilities.

The Kiuwan API uses REST protocol and returns calls in a JSON data format. Developers can monitor many quality indicators through the API. For an entire list of calls, or to gain access to the API, visit the API docs.

Interoperability seems to be a key in the next generation of web and connected apps. Kiuwan's API strategy not only embraces interoperability, it plays a critical role in ensuring quality software and continued management. Kiuwan plays a vital role in ensuring the integrity of quality applications and its API allows developers to leverage its usefulness across a variety of apps and platforms.

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