Kiva Launches Microlending API

Developers now have an additional opportunity to contribute to their karma by developing socially conscious applications with the newly released Kiva API (our new Kiva API profile).  Kiva, a person-to-person micro-lending site, announced the release of the RESTful API on its new developer blog earlier today.  This is great news for the mashup community.

The API allows developers to access publicly available information, including:

  • all of the loans at Kiva currently raising funds
  • all of the entrepreneurs from Uganda and Peru which have fully repaid their loans
  • the latest lending activity on Kiva
  • financial nitty-gritty for any of our loans
  • the list of loans made by any one of Kiva’s lenders with a public lender page

Kiva API

As part of the release of its new API, Kiva also opened up the doors for, a destination web site provided specifically for developers that includes documentation, a developer's blog, a wiki with details about the API, a code of conduct, and its terms of service. There is also a Build Kiva Google Group that has been set up for developers to interact with each other.

Not sure what you can (or should) develop with the Kiva API? No worries, there is also a running list of application ideas that provides a good starting point. We are glad to see the addition of this API to API-sphere, and can't wait to see some of the socially compelling mashups that developers around the world will build to help out with Kiva's efforts.

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