Kloudless Introduces Universal CRM Integration with New API

Kloudless, a universal API company that enables thousands of apps and services connect to each other, announced its Universal CRM API today. The new API allows developers to create apps that embed integrations with many popular customer relationship management (CRM) products. Integrations include Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, and Oracle Sales Cloud.

"For many companies, an agile Integration strategy is an important part of their ability to innovate and scale quickly to meet customer demands," Eliot Sun, Kloudless CEO, said in a press release. "These strategies are not limited to file storage services.... We are excited to take our experience in building our Universal File Storage API and supporting all kinds of developer use cases and extend that to offer our customers an easy way to integrate CRM services."

The CRM API represents the next step in Kloudless' broader product strategy. As Sun mentioned, Kloudless' flagship API to this point in time has been its storage integration offering. Kloudless now aims to expand its portfolio to APIs that play across key business application verticals. CRM is a obvious candidate to implement the strategy as many CRM providers offer APIs that connect the CRM apps with third party systems and workflows.

The Universal CRM API relieves app developers from having to build custom integrations with each CRM provider. Salesforce, Microsoft, Oracle, and every other CRM Platform maintain their own architecture, docs, functionality, tracking, etc. Not to mention, each company can and will update their respective APIs on their own timing and terms. Integrating with Kloudless' CRM API removes the need to track and adjust to each individual CRM platform.

The API enables one-to-many integration (i.e. code once to integrate Salesforce, Microsoft, and Oracle), retrieval of all CRM content (e.g. accounts, contact, leads, opportunities, campaigns, etc.), and tracking of real-time and historical events (e.g. notifications of new modified, and deleted/edited/added objects). Future CRM integrations on the roadmap include SugarCRM, NetSuite, HubSpot, SAP CRM, Zoho CRM, and Pipedrive. The API is available as a SaaS offering, but self-hosted, on-premise versions are available as well. 

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