Klout API Now Finds Google Plus Influencers

The company best known for measuring Twitter influence has added Google Plus to its Klout API. Though Klout connects to many networks to produce its score, only Twitter and Google Plus can be used via the API as a vector for identity.

From the announcement post:

Today I'm happy to announce that you can now lookup users by their Google+ ID. This marks the first new network we've implemented for lookup in the API and will allow developers to find the top Google+ influencers that have registered with Klout. It's available to all developers using the V2 API.

Klout's interactive docs are a great place to check out the new feature, which returns a Klout ID from a Google Plus ID. Klout's identity Endpoint does the same with a Twitter ID or Twitter username. Then developers can look up user details, topics and score based on the Klout ID.

This marks the first big update to the Klout API since Klout launched V2 in April.

Google PlusIt's great to see more implementations of the Google Plus API, a necessary ingredient of the search giant's nascent social network becoming more successful. Real-time search engine Topsy added Google Plus in October.

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