Know What Makes Your Users Tick: UserClues API

UserClues is a Platform that enables its customers to monitor and measure user activity on their sites. This tool is aimed at platform providers, web app developers, mobile providers and product developers who can benefit from understanding their users' behaviour in order to develop relevant and more effective products. The UserClues API provides access to all collected and processed data, allowing developers to use this to build their own applications or reporting solutions.


The service works on the following principles:

  • A strong focus on what engages a user as opposed to just user acquisition
  • Determining user intent by focussing on what they do on the site, not on what they say
  • Building better products based on relevant user information
  • Finding and focussing on users that offer the most value

UserClues allows developers to access all the metrics and data through a RESTful API as well as supplying an interactive and informative reporting dashboard. More information on the API is available on the UserClues website.

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