Know Your Apps And Make Better Business Decisions: App Annie API

With the mobile app business rapidly growing and with digital content and digital superstores now being a major player in content distribution, so analytics data needs to shift accordingly. Having tools that enable developers and customers to better understand detailed user demographics and how people are actually using their mobile apps can only mean better business decisions, and of course, better revenue. Enter mobile app analytics service, App Annie; a sophisticated tool that tracks an app's metrics and provides accurate App Store market data. The App Annie public API adds even more convenience for App Annie Analytics customers by providing them with access to their account data and reports.


AppAnnie provides a comprehensive source of app details, charts and global rankings, with a handy dashboard that allows users to track their app's revenues, downloads and general information all in one place. The system also offers advanced market intelligence data for app stores, helping users to create accurate data-driven strategies. Features include things like hourly updates, historical rankings, daily email reports, a review aggregator, multi-user accounts, app sales estimation, monitoring of competitors, market share and more.


The App Annie API uses REST calls, returns XML or JSON, and uses SSL for all calls. It's currently in beta, and the company invites users to offer any feedback that would help in making the tool even more valuable. The API has been specifically developed for App Annie Analytics clients, giving them the ability to integrate the data with their own tools and systems, and although there isn't support for third party Integration at the moment, the company has indicated that this is something that will be available in the future.

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