Kodak Launches Developer API to Help Monetize Photo Apps

Kodak has launched a developer program that delivers an API to enable printing to retail locations. Mobile app developers can integrate the free API into photo-centric apps and print directly to Kodak's partner retailers. Currently, Bartell Drugs and Target represent the two US retailers to whom the API can point. In Europe, dm-drogerie sits as the first retail partner. Kodak envisions expanding its retail partner base so app developers can print everything from cards to calendars at over 100,000 locations around the world.

Kodak has created this service so app developers have another method to monetize apps. At program launch, ten app developers had already integrated the API. Of the ten, orders from WedPics and CameraAce can already be sent to Target.

Kodak uses a RESTful API. Once integrated, app users simply place an order. The order and order assets are sent via the API and a user is instructed to pick up the product at a retail establishment. For more information, visit the API site.

Many were shocked to see the household name for photographs file for bankruptcy last year. Although much of Kodak's legacy product portfolio now belongs to other companies, the remaining brand continues to search for new opportunities. Kodak, like so many others, finds that an API strategy makes sense for moving into the next generation.

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