Kong Announces Kong Studio and Kong Enterprise 2020

Recently at the second annual Kong Summit 2019 conference, Kong announced updates to several services and introduced a new product, Kong Studio. The new product is designed with the intent of helping developers build and maintain APIs for REST and GraphQL. Additionally, the newest version of Kong Enterprise (aptly named Kong Enterprise 2020) also gains support for REST, GRPC, GraphQL, and Kafka streams.

Kong Enterprise 2020’s new features are highlighted by the updated API architecture support, but the service also gains support for developing plugins in Go and new Machine Learning capabilities that the company hopes will help with detecting anomalies via Kong Immunity, the company’s threat detection solution.

With the announcement of Kong Studio, the company provides tools that it hopes will help developers design, build, and maintain APIs for both GraphQL and REST. Kong Studio is built on top technology Kong acquired via the purchase of Insomnia (a cross- Platform GraphQL and REST client). Kong Studio’s additional features include Integration with Kong Mockbin, allowing users to generate mock endpoints. Users can also edit spec files and publish directly to Kong Gateway.

Finally, in support of these other products, Kong Gateway has been upgraded to receive support for proxying GraphQL services and writing plugins in Go. 

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