Kong Announces New Tools for API Development Automation

Kong, the API Platform formerly known as Mashape, recently announced two new features that aim to simplify API development with the assistance of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. The new tools, Kong Brain and Kong Immunity, have been added to the company’s Kong Enterprise API platform and serve to automate processes that include Documentation, configuration, and traffic analysis.

Kong Brain uses artificial intelligence to collect data from a user’s existing platform and then generates documentation, which is sent back to Kong and auto-configured for the platform. The service continues to monitor the data set and automatically pushes updates to the documentation when changes are made.

Kong Immunity uses machine learning to analyze traffic and hunt for abnormalities that might signal an issue. The goal of this service is to provide organizations with visibility into traffic and services behavior, in hopes of optimizing performance and security.

Disclosure: MuleSoft, parent company to ProgrammableWeb, is a competitor to the company(ies) mentioned in this article.

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