Kong Announces Open Source Service Mesh Control Plane: Kuma

KongAPI and service lifecycle management Platform provider, has announced a new open-source project: Kuma. Kuma is a universal control plane based on the open-source Envoy proxy. The goal of the project is to overcome the outdated limitations of first-generation Service Mesh technology. Kuma addresses these limitations by enabling seamless management of all services on a network.

"We now have more microservices talking to each other, and connectivity between them is the most unreliable piece: prone to failures, insecure and hard to observe," Marco Palladino, Kong CTO and co-founder, commented in a press release. "It was important for us to make Kuma very easy to get started with on both Kubernetes and VM environments, so developers can start using service mesh immediately even if their organization hasn't fully moved to Kubernetes yet, providing a smooth path to containerized applications and to Kubernetes itself."

Kuma can run on any platform. From Kubernetes and virtual machine environments to bare metal or legacy environments, Kuma provides a fast data plane and advanced control plane that eases all use cases. Kuma's aim is to become the single service mesh for services across an entire organization.

At its core, Kuma is a control plane for a service mesh. It is built on top of Envoy to orchestrate L4/L7 traffic. Out of the box, Kuma comes with ingress and service mesh management policies that cover security, observability, routing, and more. Kuma is enterprise-grade and is platform agnostic.  To learn more, or do download, visit Kuma.io.

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