Kong Announces Support for Service Mesh Deployments

Kong Inc., an API Platform, recently announced that its open source platform will support Service Mesh deployments. The new service mesh capabilities are designed to enable Kong users to better manage increased East-West network traffic within their Microservice-oriented architectures. Users will have the ability to use Kong as a standalone service mesh or to integrate it with other service mesh players.

As organizations transition towards flexible, scalable and reusable microservices, they create more network traffic as services access one another through APIs over the network. Traditional API gateways were designed to sit at the edge of the data path in between a client and a monolith, where the latency they introduced had little impact. Now, microservices and service mesh architectures are held together by APIs, and processing latency associated with increased traffic between services can become unacceptably high with traditional gateways.

Kong designed its platform to handle modern deployment patterns, enabled by the advent of containers, to address the increased traffic and latency. 

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