Kong Announces Version 1.0 of its Open-Source Microservice API Gateway

Kong Inc., a microservices API company, has announced Kong 1.0, the latest version of its open-source Microservice API gateway. The company is known for creating and supporting the Kong Platform. This latest version of the Kong platform includes a variety of features such as support for Service Mesh deployments and Kubernetes Ingress controller.

The company recently added support for service mesh deployments, and Kong users can now use the platform as a standalone service mesh or integrate Kong with other service mesh platforms such as Istio. The company also recently announced the Kubernetes Ingress Controller for Kong, a new feature that makes it easier to integrate services on Kubernetes with Kong. The Kong platform will live-configure itself automatically in order to serve traffic to the services.

According to the press release, Kong 1.0 “serves as the foundation for the company’s vision of building a service control platform that leverages Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and other advanced technologies to intelligently broker the flow of all information to and from services.”

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