Kraken Announces WebSockets API Improvements

Kraken, a popular bitcoin and cryptocurrency exchange, has announced plans to release new functionality for the company’s Websockets API on February 18th. The new functionality is aimed at providing a faster way for developers to add and cancel orders.

The Kraken WebSockets APITrack this API will gain two new functions: addOrder and cancelOrder. As the names imply these resources are intended to enable faster management of adding and canceling orders. 

The addition of these functions makes sense for a WebSockets API where customers are building tools that need to operate in a real-time setting. Kraken highlighted these benefits in their announcement:

“Kraken’s WebSockets API provides a faster, more efficient interface for clients who build software applications for trading and accessing market data… Clients use the WebSockets API to establish a durable, low-latency connection with Kraken’s servers. The servers then push data incrementally to clients when updates are available.”

The Kraken WebSockets API is private and interested developers need to inquire about partnership for access. 

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