Kubernetes 1.10 Delivers Stable API Aggregation

Kubernetes, the open-source Container orchestration engine, has stable API aggregation in its latest version.

API aggregation allows developers to create custom API servers without having to make changes to the Kubernetes core Code Repository.

According to Eric Chiang, a senior engineer at CoreOS and Kubernetes contributor, "This is a powerful capability that allows developers to provide highly customized behaviors to Kubernetes clusters that return very different kinds of resources than the core Kubernetes APIs provide. This can be especially valuable for use cases where Custom Resource Definitions (CRDs), the primary Kubernetes extension mechanism, may not be fully featured enough."

Now that API aggregation is stable, developers can more confidently modify Kubernetes and employ it in ways that meet their specific needs.

Thanks to the containerization trend, Kubernetes had a breakout year in 2017 and not only has the ecosystem around it expanded rapidly, it has been embraced by many of technology's biggest names. Originally developed by Google, it is now maintained by the Cloud Native Computing Foundation.

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