Kubernetes to Establish Lifecycle Duration Standards

Starting with version 1.19 of Kubernetes, developers will be required to advance APIs that they are developing into a stable state within 9 months. These changes are intended to encourage follow-through on feature development and avoid APIs getting stuck in beta.

Kubernetes follows a three-stage lifecycle with features moving from Alpha to Beta to Stable. These updated standards would not impact the amount of time that projects could stay in alpha, but would fast track development through the beta phase. It was noticed that there was far less incentive for developers to move products beyond beta, creating a choke point of sorts in the lifecycle. 

Tim Bannister of The Scale Factory noted in a blog post the value of these restrictions:

“In my opinion, these harsh-seeming measures make a lot of sense, and are going to be good for Kubernetes. Deprecating existing APIs, through a rule that applies across all the different Special Interest Groups (SIGs), helps avoid stagnation and encourages fixes.”

Make sure to check out the full blog post for additional details. 

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