Kyber Introduces API Access to On-Chain Liquidity Protocol

Kyber, an on-chain liquidity protocol provider, recently announced its Kyber Trading APITrack this API. The API enables users to leverage Kyber's on-chain liquidity without much understanding of smart contracts. In turn, integrated apps gain Kyber functionality related to tokens, conversion rates and trading.

The API is RESTful and returns data in a JSON format. Users can serialize, encode and broadcast the transaction Payload to the Ethereum Blockchain using web3. To better understand a standard workflow, Kyber published a code example in a blog post announcement.

The API currently supports seven functions:

  1. Get list of possible tokens available for trade
  2. Get list of tokens, including enables statuses, of Ethereum wallet
  3. Sell token from Ethereum wallet
  4. Get buy coversion rate in ETH
  5. Get sell conversion rate in ETH
  6. Trade from ETH to ERC20 or vice versa
  7. Get price and other information about trading pairs

The API, and Kyber's on-chain liquidity protocol, was designed to integrate with any application. Accordingly any party in the network should be able to exchange value through Decentralized token swaps.

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