LA Partners with Airbnb to Cut Down on Illegal Rental Listings

The city of Los Angeles has partnered with Airbnb to cut down on illegal rental listings from the Airbnb Platform. In LA, short term rentals must be registered with the city. The city and Airbnb have implemented a programmatic system than can easily identify listings on Airbnb that have not registered.

“[The system] will significantly streamline the process for identifying and taking down illegal short-term-rental listings,” Yeghig Keshishian, LA City Planning Spokesman, commented in an email. “In many ways, it’s the missing piece to the puzzle.”

Quickly after implementation, Airbnb and the city were able to identify and remove 1,350 ineligible listings. This is a positive first step in the first week of operation given that a thorough LA Times analysis found around 6,000 noncompliant listings on the platform.

The system was first announced in June after complaints from all sides of the issue. Airbnb complained that it hadn’t received proper guidance related to the regulations. The city complained that Airbnb didn’t act quickly enough after regulations were implemented. And, citizens argued that neither party was doing enough to crack down on clear violations of city law. Now that an effective system seems to be in place, the next step will be to see if penalties for violators do enough to compel compliance.

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