Lager Lovers Unite: TheBeerSpot API

Many a man (or woman) holds a deep passion for a good brew, and when faced with beer-themed conversation, would probably have a lot to say on the matter. So, where better to invest some time and intellect than an online community of enthusiasts, dedicated to all things beer? TheBeerSpot is just that - a place where the every day beer drinker, home brewers and people in the industry can connect and share anything beer related. TheBeerSpot API is available so that this data can be displayed or used on other websites or applications.


TheBeerSpot website provides news, blogs, forums and a Facebook application, enabling people to get the information they need as well as interact with others who may share their interests. Users can follow what people are currently drinking, review one of the thousands of beers in the database, give their feedback on the website and more. There's plenty to keep any beer fan occupied.

TheBeerSpot API is free and in a beta state. Developers who wish to access this data will require an API key, which can be accessed once they have set up a user account on TheBeerSpot website.

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