Landlord Secure API Offers Rental Security Features for Landlords

If you're in the property game, you know the value of tenant referencing, insurance, tenant tracing and so on. Complete rental security is on the top of the list when it comes to looking after your property investment. Landlord Secure, a U.K.-based company, tackles this very issue by offering a range of services for landlords, tenants and agents. With its Landlord Secure API, the company also makes some of this functionality available to third-party developers.

By partnering with Equifax, a global leader in information solutions and one of the big three credit agencies in the U.K., Landlord Secure is able to provide accurate and detailed information with regards to tenant referencing and tracing. The company also offers specialist insurance, debt recovery and eviction services.

The Landlord Secure API allows developers to add programmatic tenant tracking to their Web systems. The interface is broken up into four components — Referencing API, Account API, Property API and Document API. The Referencing API allows the user to submit and search for references as well as retrieve detailed information regarding that reference. The Account API provides information regarding the account that is using the API. The Property API allows the user to retrieve information regarding a particular property, and the Document API provides a unique ID in order to retrieve a specific document.

Developers who wish to make use of this API will need to sign up for a Landlord Secure account first. Further information and documentation are available on the website.

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