Lanyrd Makes Foursquare Useful

Sure, you and 20 million of your closest friends are using foursquare. But how useful is it? UK-based Lanyrd, "the social conference directory," recently launched foursquare Integration which aims to reward you with more than just points for checking into an event venue. Named after "the thing you wear around your neck at some conferences," Lanyrd offers a user-generated directory of different events, such as technology trade shows, hackathons, and unconferences like BarCamp. Now you can connect Lanyrd to your foursquare account and, after you check in at an event venue, jump over to the Lanyrd mobile app or web site to see more event information.

Lanyrd + foursquare

Event-specific details available through Lanyrd include schedules, session descriptions, and--perhaps most importantly--what the official Twitter hashtag is. In fact, Lanyrd asks new users to sign in with their Twitter credentials, so attendees can easily see who else is at the venue (including speakers) and view their public profiles.

Big tech conferences can be overwhelming for even seasoned attendees, and "official" information can sometimes be out of date. Lanyrd may not have its own API yet, but it's certainly making use of other services and making the whole greater than the sum of its parts. We look forward to seeing how Lanyrd decides to open up its own data for others to build upon.

(Hat tip: @simonw)

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