Laravel 7 Now Available

Laravel, which calls itself the " PHP Framework for web artisans," has released version 7. Laravel 7 includes better routing speed, a new HTTP client, CORS support and other enhancements. New features include Laravel Airlock, custom Eloquent casts, Blade component tags, and fluent string operations.

Laravel Airlock is version 7's Authentication system for single-page apps, mobile apps, and APIs. Airlock allows individual users to generate multiple API tokens and those tokens grant different abilities and scopes. Although Laravel includes built-in cast types, version 7 allows users to define custom cast types. Developers use the get method to transform a raw value into a cast value, and the set method to transform cast value into raw value.

Laravel has overhauled blade components in version 7. They now allow tag-based rendering, attribute management, component classes, inline view components, and more. The new Guzzle HTTP client is expressive and utilizes a minimal API for an easy developer experience. From complete details, check out the release notes. Laravel has also published an upgrade guide.

Additionally, Laravel reiterated that it now follows semantic Versioning (semver). Accordingly, it will release a new major version every 6 months. Check out the release plan details here.

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