The Most Popular Music API? besides being one of the most popular online radio and music communities, also has one of the most popular online music APIs. Possibly the most popular. Each month we continue to see a variety of new music-themed mashups added to our directory built on the API. In the first three weeks of this month alone there have been 5 more mashups added. That means that out of 231 music mashups at least 84 use the API. And not that developers don't have other options given that there are 44 music APIs to choose from.

What's new? Here's a sampling of the latest mashups:

  • boxee: Boxee is an open, social media center for the Mac and Linux that is a fork of Open Source XBMC media center software. APIs: ffwd, Flickr, More at our boxee profile.
  • boxee

  • Feedrevolution: Tell feedrevolution about what artists you like, and it will tell you when your artists releases new material. Feedrevolution will Feed you news about your artists via RSS, Email or Web updates. Artist Library can be synched with accounts. APIs: Amazon S3, More at our Feedrevolution profile.
  • Feedrevolution

  • idiomag: A personalized content channel, currently focused on music. It creates a mashup magazine with news, reviews, videos, and images all based on your own music taste. Uses over 9 different APIs. APIs: Amazon EC2, Amazon eCommerce, Amazon S3, Flickr, FUTEF Wikipedia API, iLike, Imeem,, SeeqPod, Songza, YouTube. More at our idiomag profile.
  • idiomag

    And there's also LastLyrics, a mashup we profiled earlier in our review of lyrics APIs and mashups.

    Use our music API and mashup dashboard to keep track of the latest news on music platforms and apps.

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