Shifts Its Music API into Overdrive has announced a major upgrade to their API. API 2.0 is replacing's original API, which is now considered legacy.'s API is one of the most popular of all music APIs, with over 60 mashups having already been developed using the original API. The methods in the original API will continue to be supported, but this version offers significant new capabilities that will enable much deeper Integration of applications with the Platform. As their announcement notes:

Our vision is the most comprehensive social music API on the web, and today marks a big step forward in that direction.

New features in API 2.0 include:

  • user Authentication protocol, enabling creation of user sessions
  • write services: authenticated users can create and update their content
  • mobile device support
  • new read/write tagging methods
  • new search, playlist, and event capability
  • enhanced geographical capability, enabling retrieval of events for a particular location

In terms of structure and protocol, the new API 2.0 maintains consistency with the original API: REST and XML- RPC requests are supported. Data is typically returned in XML format, with some methods offering additional format options (for example, you can retrieve geo.getEvents data in XML, RSS, or iCAL format).

One thing that hasn't changed is the depth and clarity of the API documentation. Each method is thoroughly described, and illustrated using example return data.

In addition to the popular mashups listed here including TuneGlue, show below from our TuneGlue profile, a slick interactive visualization of the relationship between music artists using the and APIs. You can find more applications on the site.

ReadWriteWeb's Sarah Perez has more on the release.

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