Latest APIs: Museum of London, Realtime Sensors, Yahoo Contacts, Internet Marketing

In addition to the new APIs from Google, Intuit and others, we had another 4 APIs added to our API directory last week. These include an API for the Museum of London; an API that lets you store and use realtime sensor, energy and environment data from buildings and other devices; an API for managing SEO, PR and social media campaigns; and a new API from Yahoo for their Contacts service. Outlined below is more detail on each of these new APIs:

Museum of LondonMuseum of London API: The Museum of London API is a REST interface to the following data sources: publications from the Archaeology Service; events at the Museum of London, Museum in Docklands, and London; Archaeological Archive and Resource Centre; and a converter from OSGB grid references to latitude/longitude. Also there is archaeological sites to the publications API, which means that KML output.

PachubePachube API: Pachube enables you to store, share and discover real-time sensor, energy and environment data from buildings or other devices. Pachube provides most of its functionality through its API, rather than through its web site. Plug-in to participating projects in real time so that, for example, buildings, interactive environments, networked energy meters, virtual worlds and mobile sensor devices can all talk to each other. Real-time data available. Pachube makes use of Extended Environments Markup Language (EEML), which extends the construction industry protocol IFC.

Raven ToolsRaven Tools API: The Raven database contains search results for thousands of keywords. Each week the Raven engine captures 50 (100 for Bing) search results for these keywords from the major search engines. This data can be returned in XML or JSON format. Raven offers tools for researching, managing, monitoring, and reporting on SEO, online PR and social media campaigns. Customers are typically Internet marketing agencies and in-house marketing departments.

Yahoo ContactsYahoo Contacts API: The Yahoo Contacts API enables applications to view and edit the social relationships that exist in the Yahoo Address Book. The Contacts API is based on OAuth, which allows the secure transfer of data in a way that respects user privacy and permissions.

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