The Latest APIs

New APIs keep coming-in. The API count is now up to 166. Five were added yesterday. Here are a few notable additions over the past couple weeks:

  • Wayfaring API: This useful service allows you to easily build personalized maps on top of Google Maps. Their brand new REST API provides a way to automate map creation. Data can be returned in JSON format and API wrappers for Ruby and PHP are provided.
  • 30 Boxes API: The 30 Boxes calendaring service has an Ajax-rich UI and some real buzz. The REST-based API allows you to access User and Event data. The API, like the service itself, is in early beta.
  • ISBNdb API: The project is a database of books in different languages providing on-line and remote research tools for individuals, librarians, scientists, etc. This API gets you access to data on 1,800,000 books; almost 3,000,000 Library records, 750,000 authors, and more than 10,000,000 records of actual and historic prices, as well as other data.

If you want to follow these as soon as they are added or updated, use the ProgrammableWeb API Feed.

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