Latest Chrome 65 Release Includes New APIs

The latest release of Chrome 65 includes a number of improvements including two new APIs: CSS Paint API and Server Timing API. The CSS Paint API is also referred to as CSS Custom Paint or Houdini's paint worklet. The CSS Paint API allows an image to be programmatically generated whenever a CSS property of a web page expects an image. For example, instead of using border-image along with url() to load an image, the API allows a paint worklet to be referenced instead. The paint worklet is referenced using paint(myPainter). When using a paint worklet the canvas is generated for you. Also, every time the property of an input changes, the painter is automatically called. It should be noted that a paint worklet’s context is not exactly the same as a 'canvas' context.

The Server Timing API is used to track server timing performance for a website. There are other Chrome APIs for tracking performance of a website such as the Resource Timing API and the Navigation Timing API. The Server Timing API makes it easier for developers to track server timing performance metrics such as start-up times and database read times.

The Server Timing API is just one of a number of tools Google has released in recent months to help developers track and measure website performance. This past October, the company released the Chrome User Experience Report, a dataset that provides data related to Chrome user experiences under real-world conditions. The dataset is public and includes key user experience metrics that Google has collected, with permission, from Chrome users.

For more information about new features in Chrome 65, visit the Google Developers website.

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