Latest Google App Engine release makes Search API Available To All

The Google App Engine team is galloping forward with new releases and cool features.  It has just been a few weeks since the release of App Engine 1.8.4 but the team has kept focus and come up with a new release that is focused on the Search API and enhancements to its PHP Runtime, that has received solid acceptance from the legion of PHP programmers worldwide.

Chris Ramsdale, Product Manager of App Engine announced the latest release at the Google Cloud Platform blog. The big ticket item in this release is the Search API that has made it to General Availability status. We covered the initial announcement of the Search API more than a year back. It addresses an area that is present in most applications and has seen a variety of solutions that people have built via External APIs or even via the Datastore. By bringing Google Search Technology to your application via an API, you can now look to Scaling out and searching tons of records containing structured data. Check out Chris' blog post for a neat example of how to integrate the Search API in your Python application.

The Search API allows indexing of Atom, Text, HTML, Number, Date, Geopoint fields. It also allows of querying, scoring and sorting across  across all field types, including geospatial queries, partial text matching. The API is available monthly 99.95% SLA. Check out the document for Python and Java runtimes.

Earlier this year at Google I/O, Google finally announced support for PHP applications and it has continued to see a massive adoption among PHP Developers. App Engine releases earlier to this has seen several enhancements to the PHP runtime and this release takes it a bit further. Release 1.8.5 now supports App Engine modules, Logs API and bundles the PHP Interpreter in the Windows and Mac SDKs. Chris also notes in his blog post that the latest is just in time for the Zendcon and that the App Engine team has some additional announcements in store.

Check out the release notes for full details on App Engine 1.8.5 release.

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