Latest Release of App Annie Includes Key Enhancements and New Analytics API

App Annie, a global app economy business intelligence solutions provider, has announced the release of the newest version of App Annie Analytics which includes several key enhancements including an improved web dashboard, daily email reports, CSV export and a new Analytics API for existing App Annie Analytics customers.

App Annie

The App Annie Platform makes it possible for app publishers to collect and analyze data across app store platforms including iOS App Store, Mac App Store, Google Play and Amazon Appstore.

The new release of App Annie includes new features and improvements such as a new multiple app store analytics mobile app, hourly rankings, app sharing, and analytics API Integration.

At the time of this writing, the new App Annie API is only available to existing App Annie Analytics customers so that they can access their own data. However, according to the press release and the API documentation, the company plans on releasing additional APIs in the future, some of which will allow for 3rd party integration.

The App Annie API is RESTful and requests are returned in either JSON or XML data format. The current rate limit for the API is 30 calls per minute and 1000 calls per user per day. Error 429 will be returned if the rate limit is exceeded.

App Annie CEO Bertrand Schmitt, states for the press release that:

"We began App Annie with the vision of creating a secure, comprehensive solution that allows publishers to track, analyze and manage sales and download data for their apps across multiple app stores and geographies. In order to bring that vision to life, we invested heavily in developing the App Annie Analytics mobile app and API. Armed with these free-to-use tools, in addition to our updated Analytics offering, we think app publishers worldwide can make better, smarter decisions and take their apps to the next level."

For more information about the App Annie platform and the new Analytics API, visit the official App Annie website.

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