Latest Release of MuleSoft Anypoint Platform Features Cloud-Based Asynchronous Messaging

MuleSoft, an iPaaS Platform provider, has released the latest version of its Anypoint Platform which includes Anypoint MQ, a new cloud-based Asynchronous messaging feature. Anypoint MQ allows users to address event-based use cases and perform "advanced asynchronous messaging scenarios." The release also includes a new UI for DataWeave, a solution for data Integration that features a data transformation language developed by MuleSoft. This is the third release of the Anypoint Platform within the past few months that includes new capabilities. In October, new B2B and EDI integration functionality was added to the Anypoint Platform and in November, the platform was released with a new automatic SDK generation feature via integration with APIMATIC.

Anypoint MQ is an enterprise-class, cloud messaging service that allows users to implement asynchronous messaging functionality such as pub/sub, a publish-subscribe-unsubscribe messaging paradigm, and queuing, a communications protocol whereby data can be passed or exchanged asynchronously using a messaging queue system. Asynchronous messaging makes it possible for organizations to address event-based use cases such as delivering real-time financial services market data or providing access to patient healthcare records.

According to the press release, Anypoint MQ features fully integrated unified management, easy connectivity, and secure, reliable message delivery. Messages can be sent and/or received from any cloud-based or on-premises Mule application. The MuleSoft REST API can be used to connect with non-Mule applications. Message queues can be encrypted which provides added security and Anypoint MQ utilizes persistent data storage across multiple data centers which allows for full disaster recovery.

The latest release of the MuleSoft Anypoint Platform includes a new UI for DataWeave that features "live design," interactive development interfaces allowing users to see the result of transformations as they build mappings. The new DataWeave UI also features group maps and two-way editing. In addition, the latest Anypoint Platform release features the general availability of the Anypoint Partner Manager, a solution that allows organizations "to govern and report on interactions with external parties."

"This release represents another set of product breakthroughs and highlights our relentless focus on usability and adoption, which has made us a leader in the category," said Ken Yagen, vice president of products, MuleSoft, in the press release. "We continue to deliver a consistent drumbeat of innovation to our customers, and these new features are no exception. By extending the capabilities of Anypoint Platform for enterprises building and running applications both in the cloud and on-premises, we continue to deliver on our API-led connectivity vision."

For more information about the MuleSoft Anypoint Platform, visit the official company Web site.

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