The Launch is Wide Open; Will Android App Developers Embrace Blur?

The Klinker Apps development team, manufacturers of EvolveSMS and the Talon for Twitter App, have just announced the release of their newest product. The new app is Blur, a 3rd party launcher for Android. The front end is completely customizable, expanding on the concept of Google Now.  

What makes this app unique and potentially attractive for outside developer Integration is the functionality of swiping left to view “Pages.” These pages contain summary cards that detail a user’s favorite apps without actually launching the app itself. Klinker has already designed a couple sample pages to compliment the release, but hopes that developers will implement the Blur Cards API to create and customize additional pages and cards specific to other apps.

Currenlty, Blur is free to download. The project is open source, and the API Library can be viewed and downloaded through GitHub. 


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Blur is a Fully Featured New Launcher From the Klinkers – Introduces App “Pages” Where Google Now Would Be