LaunchBit Aims to Monetize Email with Ad API

LaunchBit, an email ad network, has announced a text ad API. Whether email publishers are blasting status updates, announcements or other news, the LaunchBit API will allow advertisements within the email to make API calls to data relevant to the ad. Monetizing websites with Ads has long been sound practice; however, monetizing emails is somewhat of an untapped market. With easy Integration through an API, LaunchBit intends to take advantage of this underdeveloped market.

LaunchBit API Architect, Zachery Tong, commented: "We designed the API with developers in mind....[The interface] is simple and straightforward; it should only take a few minutes to implement." LaunchBit's customer base includes some of the most tech-savvy marketers on the web (e.g. AppSumo, Sencha, SendGrid, MongoDB). Accordingly, an API to simplify the ad network should be welcomed by its current base, as well as attract newcomers.

The LaunchBit API uses REST protocol and a JSON data format. Email publishers can pull relevant add material into emails. The components include an image and 190 characters of copy. LaunchBit utilizes an auction system to return the most appropriate ad.

LaunchBit CEO, Elizabeth Yin, commented: "We’re excited to help developers monetize their emails. We know the web is largely powered by free applications that are ad supported, and we’re pleased to release our API to help developers monetize through an additional channel." The API will start in a private beta. Developers interested in the API can request an access key through LaunchBit's sister site, Newsletter Directory.

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