The LaunchPad Recruits API: Speeding Up the Hiring Process--Maybe

LaunchPad Recruits has an extremely simple and clear business plan, and therefore a potentially powerful one. It aims to help companies sift through job applicants faster by supplying video interviews of those applying. Employers can watch the video of them responding to questions, and look at a resume before deciding on a face to face meeting. Have you ever been hiring, only to start an interview based on a prospect's resume and find instantly that the person is not a good match? You can end up wading through an interview, looking in vain for ways to end it early. (See graphic.) The LaunchPad Recruits REST API aims to avoid this by having candidates answer the employer's questions on video before any face to face meeting takes place.

Because setting up videos is easy, this can be done by candidates prior to companies investing time in screening over the phone. Given this era of high unemployment, and therefore of more applications per position than usual, anything that cuts out wasted time is a blessing.

At first glance, this looks like a slam dunk--both the problem and the solution are clear. Businesses can also use LaunchPad Recruits to send out rejection notices,  automating the process even further. And the well-documented API might help spread the practice. But every hiring process has its downsides, and the LaunchPad Recruits model is no exception.

On top of being qualified and interviewing well, applicants must now be good at setting up and taking videos of themselves. To its credit, LaunchPad Recruits not only supplies the handy tips above, they also provide a video. Yet even with this help, what are the chances that the best-qualified candidate botches their first impression because they just can't get the equipment right? Possibly too high. If the employer is watching many videos, it's easy to mistake a low quality one as coming from a low quality candidate, because it will stand out. Conversely, it can be argued that top notch candidates ought to be able to create top notch videos. Certainly for some jobs, like film making, for example, this is true. But is it true for every job? As the practice of pre-interview video clips spreads, we are almost certain to find out whether and where this expectation is right.

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