Layar Winners Display Augmented Reality Commerce

Layar, the World's leading mobile augmented reality Platform, had thrown open the Layar Creation Challenge this August. Developers were asked to use the Layar Vision API to create their own layers on top of the Layar Browser and provide new experiences that merged the physical world with the digital world. The results are out and the winners were able to successfully demonstrate not just viewing additional content but also being able to translate that to commerce. The entries were invited in 4 categories: Magazines, Books, Self Publishing and Anything Goes. The prize money totalled $55K with $15K, $10K and $5K for the top 3 winners.

“We encouraged developers to think big and they showed they were up to the challenge by coming up with creative, smart business ideas that have lasting value for both the user and layer publisher,” said Maarten Lens-FitzGerald, Layar co-founder and General Manager.

The first prize winner was AR Posters by Willem Veenstra. You can use AR Posters to create posters for events and allows promoters to add interactivity like Visit Website, Trailers, Ticket Giveways, all powered by a Content Management System.

The second prize went to Buy It! By Antonio Aponte, which allows you to scan product packaging and do comparative pricing between retailers, finally letting you even purchase the items.

The third prize winner was Food2You by Voxar Labs, which lets you scan a food menu and view not just ingredients, nutrional information but even gives options to request delivery or find physical locations.

Additional winners include:

  • FoldAR : View 3D models of items in a product catalog.
  • DIBBS: Call "Dibbs" on ad items for a chance to score great in-store deals.
  • They Live: Scan movie posters for more information and related materials.
  • Bath Life Magazine: Enrich articles/features with audio, video and more.
  • Who Killed Guido? : Search scenes for clues to solve a murder mystery.
  • AR Cards: Send personalized cards with audio, video and 3D animations.

The Layar Challenge provides ample proof of future digital experiences and it is great to see the kind of innovation that the winners have demonstrated. For a full list of winners, visit the official Layar Creation Challenge page.

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