Layer 7 Survey Shows Rapidly Growing Need for API Programs by Enterprises

Layer 7, a CA Technologies company and leading API-driven integrations security and management solutions provider, has just released the results of a survey focusing on key enterprise concerns that are driving the adoption of API management solutions.

Layer 7 Infographic

Image Credit: Layer 7

140 enterprise IT professionals were polled by Layer 7 in May 2013. More than 43 percent of respondents reported that their organization currently has an API program in place. 27 percent of respondents said an API program will be launched within the next year.

In addition, the three most important features needed in an API management solution, as indicated by survey respondents, are mobile performance optimization, developer enablement and data analytics.

According to survey respondents, a broad range of key business goals are driving the growing need for API programs such as:

  • Mobility programs (71.9 percent)
  • Partner connectivity (69.1 percent)
  • Cloud Integration (67.6 percent)
  • Enabling internal developers (66.9 percent)
  • Fostering external developer ecosystems (55.4 percent)

Dimitri Sirota, Co-Founder of Layer 7 Technologies and SVP Security at CA Technologies, states in the press release that:

"Enterprises are increasingly recognizing APIs as a cornerstone of the modern open hybrid enterprise. For an organization to be successful, it must have a strategy to deploy and manage the APIs that will enable it to secure and leverage data, empower a mobilized workforce and engage with the developers driving the app economy."

Layer 7 has created a really nice infographic of the survey results that can be viewed and downloaded at the company website.

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