LeadLedger Launches Sales Lead Generation API

LeadLedger, sales intelligence Platform, recently launched the Sales Lead Generation API. The API enables companies and sales forces to access lead information, competitive data, client details, and more from third party apps and existing workflows. Developers can integrate prime sales data into existing tools or build new apps to track and monitor sales progress. LeadLedger Sales Head, Alicia Salsbury, commented:

"Our API solidifies our positions as the leading enterprise intelligence tool, allowing our large clients to extend our data into complex workflows and proprietary sales and marketing systems."

Founded in 2012, LeadLedger has dedicated itself to improving the effectiveness of sales and marketing professionals. From SMBs to enterprises, LeadLedger provides a straightforward, robust platform that streamlines sales and marketing processes. The API strategy furthers its mission, as integrating with existing tools has proven a invaluable capability in the sales intelligence marketplace.

The API uses REST protocol and returns calls in a JSON data format. After Integration, applications have access to the same reports, technologies, and sites as the LeadLedger User Interface. There is no extra charge for API use. For more information, or to sign up, visit the API site.

CRM platforms and other sales tracking methods have expanded in functionality to include niche offerings through partners. LeadLedger has joined the ranks of technologies to partner with CRM packages, as its market intelligence technology can now seamless integrate with existing CRM applications. Visit LeadLedger today to learn more.

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