Learn About Local Happenings With n0tice

n0tice is a simple location based public notice board system. It's completely open and unfiltered, and allows users to post any sort of notice they want, tagged with their location, and lets them read notices near them, sorted by distance. Quite a simple little idea, and if it gets a user base, it could end up being quite useful. Although first designed for iPhone, the n0tice API was quickly released to allow Integration into other programs, including desktop apps.

The creator describes the service in a blog post. From the post:

It’s a mobile publishing Platform that resembles a community notice board. It’s called n0tice*:

After seeing Google’s “News near you” service announced on Friday I thought it was a good time to jump into the conversation and share what I’m up to. Clearly, there are a lot of people chasing the same or similar issues.

The n0tice service also received coverage on the Blue Phoenix blog. It had this to say about n0tice:

Shortly after Google announced News near you, a captivating new start-up turned up on the web: n0tice. We like n0tice. It’s easy to use and best of all, there’s no fussy search algorithm that plays favorites with the news that’s near you; you enter your postal code and the website pulls up newsworthy events that have happened within your proximity.

The API is RESTful, like most. Responses to read requests are in JSON, and write requests are in XML. For writing, users must obtain a free API key. The mix of formats is a little odd, but all in all the API seems pretty simple to use. It supports 3 different types of postings at the moment: News Reports, Events, and Offers.

This API could lead to some very good programs if used well. One I might make is a program to cross-post both here and on Craigslist when posting sales ads. Another idea would be to integrate some sort of event check-in as well, so users could even see who was attending the events, perhaps by linking it into Facebook or Foursquare, who already have location check-in capabilities.

As with most services like this, though, it'll only really be useful if a sufficiently large user base exists. So, if you like the idea, start using it and invite your friends. Who knows, maybe it will be the next Craigslist.

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