Learn About PHP, APIs, Mobile, Cloud and More at ZendCon 2014

Zend Technologies has just announced that the 10th annual ZendCon PHP conference will take place Oct. 27-30 at the Santa Clara Convention Center in Santa Clara, California. ZendCon 2014 will feature sessions covering PHP best practices, Continuous Delivery and DevOps, APIs, mobile and cloud services.


The ZendCon 2014 conference will feature keynotes, breakout sessions, in-depth tutorials, a hackathon, an UnConference and more. More than 30 industry leaders, developers and leading PHP contributors will speak at the conference. They include:

  • Alan Seiden, an authority on PHP development with IBM
  • Beau Simensen, founder and software architect at Dragonfly Development, REFLX Labs co-founder
  • Chris Hartjes, principal engineer at Synacor
  • Enrico Zimuel, senior PHP engineer at Zend
  • Eryn O'Neil, Web developer and technical lead at Clockwork Active Media
  • Lorna Jane Mitchell, Web development consultant and author
  • Matthew Weier O'Phinney, principal engineer at Zend
  • Paul M. Jones, internationally recognized PHP expert and lead on Aura for PHP

Conference attendees can attend sessions covering a variety of topics. According to the ZendCon website sessions list, sessions include the following:

  • An Instagram API in (X) Minutes. Speaker: Matthew Weier O'Phinney. Use Apigility, an API builder and engine, to create an API for uploading images and creating streams of image URLs to consume within a mobile application.
  • API Authentication With OAuth2. Speaker: Enrico Zimuel. Talk demonstrating the OAuth2 Framework, showing the different use cases and how to implement it in PHP, using Apigility.
  • Information Security in PHP: The CIA Triad Approach. Speaker: Enrico Zimuel. Talk covering the CIA triad (confidentiality, integrity and availability), one of the core principles of information security and how it can be applied to PHP.
  • REST APIs: The Essential Things I Wish Someone Had Told Me. Speaker: Ryan Weaver. Talk starts out with the must-know basics, like HTTP methods, status codes, resources and representations. Later on talk will cover harder aspects such as hypermedia, links, hypermedia formats and more.
  • Web Front End, API Back End. Speaker: Lorna Jane Mitchell. Session demonstrates what a service-oriented website would look like in PHP.
  • Writing Maintainable ZF2 Applications. Speaker: Evan Coury. Talk demonstrating how to create a more maintainable and well-architectured ZF2 application, while keeping the technical debt to a minimum.

For more information about ZendCon 2014, visit the official website.

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