Learn Yahoo! Maps Mashups

If you're interested in developing maps mashups using the Yahoo! Maps API but have not yet had the chance to use those APIs, you're in luck. There's now a very good book to show you the way, Yahoo! Maps Mashups by Charles Freedman. It's a comprehensive overview of the three flavors of Yahoo! Maps APIs including Ajax API, the JavaScript-Flash API and the ActionScript-Flash API. The book includes lots of example code including showing you how to integrate maps with other APIs like the Yahoo! Travel API and Flickr API. Also has good coverage of creating mashups using Flex 2. You will find all the code for the book at their companion site www.mashupexperts.com. Speaking of Yahoo! Maps using Flash via Flex: As we noted last month the Yahoo! Developer Network folks are actively soliciting feedback from developers and it turns-out the most voted-upon item in the YDN Suggestion Box is a Flex 2 API for Yahoo! Maps. 245 votes so far.

Author Chuck Freedman also happens to be creator of today's Mashup of the Day: GameTripping.com, the Ballpark Guide. This full-featured mashup lets you to share and collect your experiences visiting ballparks across the US. Features a guide and gallery powered by Yahoo! Maps and Flickr. Ballpark Collection shows an array of all ballparks, highlighting ones you have reviewed. Even has a GameTripping badge available that lets you show off your reviews on your blog or MySpace and links users back to your Ballpark Collection. You can read more about this on Chuck's blog.


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[...] There are so many reasons why I am excited about this Mashup of the Day honor. First, it happens to be the very first mashup EVER listed on the site that is tagged with FLEX. (While I know it’s not the first Flex app listed, it certainly is a distinction that it is tagged as such.) Next, the site is usually dominated by ‘easy-to-replicate’ Gmaps Ajax mashups, so having a Yahoo! Maps Flash API-based mashup in there is always great to see. Next, I am a huge fan of programmableweb and find it to be the web’s most comprehensive listing of mashups. Last but absolutely not least, John Musser, the site’s talented and passionate owner, chose this day to blog about my new book “Yahoo Maps Mashups“.     [...]