Leftronic's Fetch Tool Retrieves and Visualizes Data from Any HTTP API

Leftronic, a real-time data visualization platform provider, has launched Fetch, a new tool that can retrieve, transform, and visualize data from any HTTP API. Fetch can be used to retrieve data from third-party APIs in the event that specific API data is not already available from existing Leftronic integrations. In the past, users that wanted to incorporate data from a third-party API had to write a script, host the data, and then push the data to the platform using the Leftronic native format.

Image Credit: Leftronic

The Fetch tool eliminates the need for Leftronic users to host third-party API data (if they need data from third-party APIs not included in Leftronic's integrations) and makes it easier for them to utilize third-party API data for widgets and visualizations. The tool allows users to specify custom authentication headers and use a script to format the data. Users can also choose to push custom data points to widgets using the Leftronic Custom data API.

Custom data, whether it is pushed to the platform using the Fetch tool or the Leftronic Custom data API, must be formatted in the Leftronic Data Format. JavaScript can be used to map the data to the Leftronic Data Format required for each type of customizable widget. There are over a dozen customizable widgets available including pie chart, bar chart, sparkline, line graph, scatter plot, and table.

The first version of the Fetch tool has been built with technical users in mind and Leftronic has created an example status board that connects to data from a number of popular services for developers such as AWS EC2, GitHub, Bitbucket, New Relic, and Comcast. There is a tutorial with code snippets on the Leftronic website explaining how the example status board was created.

For more information about the Leftronic real-time data visualization platform and Fetch tool, visit Leftronic.com.

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