Lemonade Announces New API to Enable Integration with Its Insurance Platform

Lemonade, a property and casualty insurance company, has announced the launch of the Lemonade API allowing developers and businesses to offer Lemonade insurance products from within web and mobile applications. The API will initially provide access to the company’s renters, condo, and homeowners insurance products. The company plans on expanding the API to include other insurance products when they become available on the market.

The Lemonade API works especially well with real estate, ecommerce, and mortgage originator websites and applications. However, developers can use the API to integrate the Lemonade platform with any type of website and application. The API provides applications and websites capabilities such as payment for insurance policies (homeowners, condo, and renters), easy quoting, and policy creation. Payment for insurance policies only applies to Lemonade’s active markets which includes New York, California, Texas, Illinois, New Jersey, and Rhode Island. The company plans on expanding the number of active regions in the near future.

Developers can integrate the API using one line of code which will display in a window a customizable bot called Maya. App and website users can interact with Maya to submit information to get an insurance quote, make an insurance payment, and many other tasks. Developers also have the option to bypass the bot interface and control all aspects of the insurance purchase flow. This option allows Lemonade to be seamlessly integrated with applications.

"It takes years to pull together the licenses, capital and technology needed to offer insurance instantly through an app, which is why it's almost nonexistent. Today's API launch changes that. Anyone with a slight familiarity with coding can now include these capabilities in their app, in a matter of hours," said Shai Wininger, Lemonade Co-founder and Chief Lemonade Maker, in a prepared statement. "We call on startups and entrepreneurs to use our platform to add insurance-related products and features to their apps and websites. We can't wait to see what entrepreneurs will create using our new API."

For more information about the Lemonade Insurance platform and API, visit Lemonade.com

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