Lemonwhale Video API: Watch This - Anywhere on Anything

The lemonwhale API comes as a two part REST API that features JSON: one public and one private, each with separate endpoints. The public one downloads public information about videos. The private API is for altering your videos, like changing the title, or creating a new live broadcast. Authentication is required for the private API.

Lemonwhale leverages the cloud to deliver both on-demand and live video services.

With video, speed is the thing, and lemonwhale promises to be quick on delivery. Also critical is availability; lemonwhale asserts videos can be watched on any device. According to their website, here's how they deliver the quality and speed: "Each Video Cloud package includes Bundled Content Delivery Network (CDN) Services to offer high performance local caching and delivery of players, metadata and video content. Lemonwhale sources capacity from leading CDN providers to ensure fast and reliable delivery at competitive rates."

Quality is maintained by giving the best in video encoding to make a multi-screen strategy work. A universal format encoder removes corruption in files.

Founded in 2008 in Stockholm, the company has grown from delivering 20 million videos in 5 countries in 2009 to over 500 million videos in 30 countries in 2012.

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