Let Psychology Drive Customer Interaction: TipTap Lab API

TipTap Lab uses psychology to better understand existing and potential customers. The TipTap Lab API allows third party apps to take advantage of such psychology by building profiles for those that interact with the app and acting accordingly. Whether an app developer wants to personalize an online experience or pair up users with similar interests, the TipTap Lab API examines the abstract, subconscious layer of users to better and enable a developer to accomplish goals.

TipTap Lab Co-Founder, Dan Cudgma, explained:

"Companies and brands today are creating competitive differentiation by collecting and analyzing data on what customers do. We are helping them understand why they do it."

At its core, TipTap Lab "believe[s] psychology based technology and methods can be leveraged and applied to deliver long lasting personalized customer experiences never before realized by brands and consumers alike." Accordingly, TipTap Lab goes beyond delivering world class psychological insights into customer behavior. TipTap Lab's API strategy allows third parties to leverage such insight and build a new level of engagement with consumers/users. Mark Parish, owner of dairy farm (Crescent Ridge), and happy TipTap Lab customer praised:

"My family has owned Crescent Ridge for over 80 years, and our customers have always proven loyal to our brand because of our high quality and locally-delivered dairy products. Distinguishing the factors that motivated purchasing behavior allowed us to cut unnecessary costs and focus on what mattered. TipTap Lab helped us understand the key motivating factors driving consumer behavior at a level never before exposed to us."

The TipTap Lab API uses HTTP protocol. The API does not track behavior like many platforms driving marketing research. Instead, a profile is created after a user completes a game-like Image Selection Task (IST) which uncovers personality traits and preferences. A score is created for each trait and the API gives developers access to such scores. To learn more, see how others have deployed the API.

As online business continues to take market share from legacy methods, online marketing has shifted to more scientific-based research methods. TipTap Labs sits at the cross roads of psychology and technology. Its psychological approach offers new insight into customer behavior, and its API strategy offers a simple engine to act on such insight.

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